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2024] Now accepting new reservations! Shiretoko Wildlife Field for Mountain and Sea Nature Adventures

Shiretoko Rausu Wild Play Field is now accepting new reservations for 2024.

From the current fiscal yearOfficial SiteIn addition to,"Nappu."You can also make reservations at a campground search site called

We hope that this article will reiterate our facility's appeal and that you will consider it for your summer vacation itinerary in 2024.

Shiretoko wild game field where you can experience the overwhelming wilderness of the mountains and the sea.

Shiretoko Rausu Wild Play Field is a camping and glamping facility where you can experience the overwhelming natural beauty of this World Natural Heritage site.

The facility is surrounded by a variety of animals and plants, including brown bears and Ezo sika deer on land, killer whales and whales in the ocean, and Steller's sea eagles and seabirds in the sky.

The facility is surrounded by an "electric fence" that conducts electric current to provide strong protection against brown bears and Yezo sika deer.

Through a variety of activities, visitors can experience the dynamic wilderness where these animals and plants live.

Cruisers can see brown bears and Steller's sea eagles feeding, and dolphins and killer whales swimming adorably in groups.

On trekking, Rausu-ko (Rausu Lake) and Rausu-dake (Mt. Rausu) fascinate people with their power and beauty. You can have an adventure experience walking in the clean air and untouched nature.

The fishing you will enjoy in Shiretoko Rausu is also exceptional. The variety of fish in the sea and rivers makes it a favorite destination for many anglers. In the river, you can catch oshorokoma, and in the sea, salmon and hokke.

You can also enjoy spectacular views of the star-filled night sky and sea of clouds.

Shiretoko Rausu Wild Play Field is also a place where you can experience beautiful scenery.

When the weather is fine, the clear horizon can be seen from the field of play. Kunashiri Island can be seen in the distance.

Of course, even when there are many clouds, a sea of clouds can be visible in the morning, making you feel as if you are floating in the sky.

The best place to start is the sunrise.

It is as if the clouds create a path for the sunrise, and the dynamic ocean, home to whales and killer whales, becomes calm to welcome the sunrise.

The view will add an even more elegant flavor to the freshly brewed coffee you drink here in the morning.

All set up by Snow Peak

Because the facility is under the supervision of Snow Peak, we built the facility with all Snow Peak gear, including tents and tarps, as well as chairs and pots.

It will meet the needs of both Snow Peak enthusiasts and beginners who want to enjoy camping without worries with high-quality gear.

Reservations for 2024 are still available!

Reservations for 2024 will be accepted at any time as long as tent sites are not full.

We hope you will enjoy the attractive wild play fields and activities in Rausu Town.

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