17 / July




Web site renewal

Shiretoko Rausu Noasobi Field has renewed its website for a fresh start.

The website has been renewed to better convey the charm of the facilities and Rausu-cho, and to provide information about the facilities to overseas visitors as well.

Regarding the new design

The entire website is designed to simulate the experience of our facility.

On the top page, you will find our thoughts and messages as well as the latest information about reservations.

The Stay page provides an overview of the facilities and accommodation rates, while the Rausu page introduces a wealth of activities unique to Rausu, a World Natural Heritage site.

From Rausu Town to the World

Shiretoko Rausu Wild Play Field, a World Natural Heritage camping and glamping facility supervised by Snow Peak.

We will continue to update the facility on a daily basis, aiming to make it friendly and loved by those who are thinking about starting an outdoor life, as well as those who are already involved in various outdoor activities as campers.

Still accepting reservations for 2024.

Reservations for 2024 are always welcome.

We hope that many people will experience the splendor of the World Natural Heritage site and the field where you can enjoy the luxury of the mountains and the sea.